Chartboost moreApps page

I am having trouble with the chartboost moreApps. I configured the moreApps setting and campaigns as they explain in the tutorial(checked auto fill and did all other things they say) Also I added my another game to the list to cross promote.

When I test it, my game appear but there are no ads from other games. Currently moreApps publishing analytics is 2k impression 1 click, so probably moreApps ads don’t show up for the players as well. I also sent an e-mail to Chartboost about this yesterday, no answer yet. Anybody else had a problem like this before? What is the solution?

You must go into your app dashboard and open campaigns -> publishing -> add campaign -> network publishing -> name of campaignn -> ad type: moreapps -> select all app -> save
And then click on product -> more apps -> and click on your “yourname”(campaign) (add how many you want) -> save

Thanks for your interest. I just recieved an e-mail from ChartBoost. Here is the answer I got:

"We found out yesterday that newly created MoreApps campaigns don’t work on Android. We already filed a ticket to our engineers, so hopefully they can look into it soon.

Unfortunately, at the moment, you will only be able to cross promote your own apps."

I was in the same problem you described. Talked to chartboost support and they fixed this issue too quickly. I think everyone was getting this problem… Now everything is fine.