Charging problem

Hi! Last time I have problem with charging my Android phone. What`s the matter? Anybody knows?

If you have any questions about home electronics, then I have a solution for you. Recently had problems charging my phone and found the article There are many optimization tips and you can find something for yourself. You will be surprised how many useful things there are about which you did not even guess. I often go there for one problem and find a solution for another.

The problem maybe either with your battery or the charger cord. Try to use another charger cord, if it works, that means you need to change your charger. If it still doesn’t work, bring your android phone to your service center. I had the same problem before. In my case, the battery got worn out because we always use the phone even while charging because it is a really helpful tool to teach my kid math using the mathprodigy game. After that, the service center discouraged me to use the phone while charging because it causes the battery to get damaged. So, it’s better to go them because they can give you helpful tips.

Most of time charging cable could be the reason…have tried another charging cable?