Changes on MiniMob

Minimob team would like to wish you all a happy and successful new year.

Having committed to deliver efficient direct mobile advertising strategies to publishers, Minimob has been releasing new ad formats for highly creative experiences and has managed to offer the most competitive payouts.
Back in October 2013, after compliance with Google Play policies, Minimob managed to offer you:

• 100% of the revenue on 3rd party ads without holding any commission
• the best payout on the market
• new ad units to increase revenues - even without the use of push notifications

Today, Minimob is announcing the end of the promo period for payouts per active install. Having observed the market after the ad policy changes and through constant communication with you – the publishers – it is pretty clear that the external market traffic converts much higher. As so, following the advertiser’s needs for high converting traffic and taking into account the low conversion rates on Google Play we have proceeded with the following changes:

  1. For external market places: Minimob is changing era by calculating the payouts dynamically with a payout as high as $0,25 according to the supply/demand needs of the advertisers
  2. For Google play: Minimob continues to pass on 100% of 3rd party ad revenues directly to you. The payout per install will follow the supply and demand needs and will be available in Minimob and on the rate-card.

Minimob will continue to follow the market and help you all maximize your revenues.

NOTE: Changes will be effective as of Monday, January 13, 2014.

Minimob Team

When will you have Paypal as type of payment?

+1 same question

What does it mean? Will still pay 2 cents per active install?

I don’t think so. I had more installs yesterday, and almost half the revenue. I don’t like where this is going.

“a payout as high as $0,25” well that sounds interesting (for non gp).

But you should specify if its payout between $0.00000000000000000001 and $0.25 or like $0.01 to $0.25. Post just maximum payout is not saying too much, we would need some kind of avg payout per install

Yes, they were really good… But now i think it will be much worse…:frowning:

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the earning dropped more than 60% now

for me too…

Yeap - about 65% less. I think January will be last month with minimob. Changing rules in December, now resign almost at all from PPI. Crapp. Any other good network as minimob was till end of November??

I’m leaving them too.

I could not get it really ,
How do you think we will get non GP downloads ,
GP is dominating 99% of downloads so there is no way that we can get Non-GP downloads ,
Anyway , I had 2 nice months with you guys but now it is over ,
I am getting 10% revenue of my last week ,
It was nice network and I was about to start promoting them but now I am leaving too
Thank you @MiniMob for the previous 2 months and good luck in the future

Guys, first ask your questions, get answers and then post. Dont get from a personal estimation to a desicion. Get all the parameters. Up to now most of you were getting significant revenues with us and the same will happen in the upcoming months as well.

Always on Skype waiting to discuss how you will make more revenues.

Would You please elaborate !
I do really like to continue with you but the numbers talks
I waited 2 days to conclude my dicision and the revenue is already dropping each day , while the number of installs is the same if not higher ,
so may be there is something we are missing here …
Would you enlighten us , and let us keep it here in public please because there is no secrets here :slight_smile:
Thank you @Dimitri_Minimob

Checking the price you are getting paid per active install, you will see the following already, external marketplaces payout is significant higher per country. Most of the countries in google play have the same rate, except a bounce of countries that since there is lower interest/demand. Conclusion,where there is demand you are getting paid higher.

All the previous months, we try to guide you on increasing your revenues by using specific tools/methods we are providing you through our platform, getting traffic on high demand markets that we anyway reassuring higher results.

Additionally investing time discussing even on Skype as to provide important feedback i dont consider it a secret…

Always available

I don’t know what is high demand traffic but I have 40% of my installs coming from US. And still I get maybe 20% of what I was getting before. So your theory aside, the numbers talk for themself.

Did you get payment for december?

Not yet. I just called my bank.

good day is over, i guess it is time to leave minimob now