Change admob

I would change admob to monetize with my android applications.

Which network do you recommend? I’ve heard of Mmedia and LedBolt

I have integrated mopub right now , dont have enough details to comment, its really easy to implement

Mediation first, then put a few networks and test which works best for your users (some are better in some countries, some in different ones).

From italy where is the best?

I think you misunderstood - it depends on countries your users are from, not you yourself. :slight_smile: And you have to test it and monitor it - it changes over time too.

haha :slight_smile: check out madvertise, they specialize in europe , also mobfox, but they are super slow in approving apps

Mobfox is also famous for not paying from what I remember. :wink:

I am Italian developer and my requests are mostly coming from italy or europe

Hi, Magnesus and everyone else.

Can I ask how does mediation exactly work? Do I need to create accounts on all the networks that I would include using the Admob account? Or do I just implement their SDK’s and get the total revenue in one single payment along with Admob’s?

My second question. If I don’t use mediation should I set the eCPM just for using Admob? How high or low should I go for a brand new app?

I would appreciate any insights…

Yes you need to create accounts with all those networks. Admob will keep track of all data for you, as will the other networks(but only for their respective traffic). You will need to add their SDKs in some cases, each network will show you how to specifically add their network’s prerequisites.

If you don’t use mediation then I’m not sure if you have to set the eCPM or not (on the new Admob I mean). I have all mine set to $1.50. Changing the value doesn’t seem to affect the end results for me when not actually mediating.

Is there any other service that provide mediation beside Admob ?
Admob seems so weird lately and I don’t wanna risk using any of there services again

moPub is mean to be the best! They were just bought by Twitter.