Category ranking changed

Since Google introduced the new categories the category top new listing seems to be changed.
My app fell from top 10 in new sport games to position 50 while top free sportgames ranking is still the same.

Further one app is nr. 1 in top new free, but nr. 15 in top free while other is nr. 4 in top new free, but nr. 7 in top free.
So what is the difference in those ranking algos (top free new and top free)?

nobody has an idea why my top free new ranking is lower than my top free ranking?

I need help, please???

Well, Top New free is a subgroup of Top Free , so the if you are i.e. 10th in Top New Free, the best position you can be in Top Free is 10th.

Some cheap analogy: If you are the 10th best developer in California, it means you can be, in best case scenario, the 10th best developer in the US.

you didn’t read my post correct. I am top 10 in top free, but out of top 50 in top free new.
This would be the same as in top 10 us, but not top 10 in california.
This is the point why I am so confused.

Is this app less than 30 days old?

yes. But it seems that for small countries the global downloads count now and not the lokal downloads.