Car Racing Stunts 3D

Welcome to the city of Car Racing Stunts 3D, where racing never stops…
There is no dishonor in losing the RACE. There is only dishonor in not racing because YOU are afraid to lose. Perform amazing drifts and try drag race in very fast chases on the tracks – Fun Race guaranteed.
Your job is very simple, just race and collect all the cones on the track before other player collects it to win the race. Perform amazing stunts, take a snap and share with all your family and friends. Let’s test your reflexes, determination and driving skills to have extreme fun on high speed in this race simulator. Speed and race couldn’t be more exciting, win every race and shift your skill from amateur games. Need for speed in your mind and desperation of being the best racer on the world can make you to reach on the top list of great racer. Most advanced driving simulation with powerful engines and physics. This is the game for most advanced racer to beat most skilled and determined AI players on the track. Just remember, when you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough!
Anything that gets your blood RACING is probably worth doing. Let’s RACE!

Car Racing Stunts Features:
– It’s a FREE game with in-App purchase (optional)
– Easy and fun to play.
– Real feel of 3D Environment & HD Graphics.
– Experience custom animation and the art of 3D Graphics.
– Enjoy multiple camera angles.
– Amazing game play & cool sound effects.
– Stunts to perform.
– Set your own controls of the car
– Car Racing Fever
– Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.