Can't find the store where my app is published

Hello guys,
I have an app that I updated 20 days ago. It had avocarrot as ads service but I implemented another ad network with this last update. The problem is that even after 20 days, I still see a big amount of traffic on avocarrot site from Russia and Iran (almost the half of the total traffic generated by the app). It can be explained by the fact that on some other store there is still the old version generating traffic. But unfortunately it seems impossible to find this store. I’ve searched all the results from the first 4 pages of google search but none seems to have enough downloads to justify that traffic. Now I want to ask, do you know any trick to find out on which external stores your app is being published? Any idea would be welcome. Thanks

Why do you need to find that app…is there any particular reason…

Yes, the obvious reason is to try to update that app on the site where it is by presenting my self as the developer of that app. Or if this app is used by someone by injecting his own ads at least to do something about that. I can’t just stay and watch.

It happened to me too some months ago but I wasn’t able to find where the downloads were coming from.