Candy Trademark


I was hoping you could help me out please.

Finnaly I managed to develop my first game and I have no idea how to publish it.
I only have experience with mobile apps and nothing about games.

I know that the perfect description can get you some installs to start with but I have no idea how to do that with games specially with trademarks.

I read by accident that the word candy is trademark by king company.
as my game is about candy but it has nothing to do with candy cruch it’s just a random game about counting candies and that’s all.
the gameplay is nothing like candy cruch saga.

if the word candy is trademark like I read.
that means I cannot use the word candy at all.
like I cannot use it in my description ?
for example try this candy game…

how about the package name :
or com.candycount
will this suspend my game…

how about if I use candies instead of candy ?
Any help is appreciated.

I am so confused.

Thank you very much.


A friend of mine added an expression like [swipe the planet in an angry bird style] to his app - a gravity simulator. His idea was obviously to increase SEO by popular keywords. A week or so later Google contacted him with a warning to remove those keywords from the app’s description, otherwise they would have kicked him out of the Google Play.

Another hint for keywords I can share is that adding candy to your title wouldn’t help you much with the downloads. Google play search is a crazy thing. Lately it shows apps that are most popular, no matter what you search and no matter what the app names are. Often it comes to ridiculous situations to search for apps by typing their exact title and the results contain angry birds, candy crush saga, fruit ninja or flappy bird. But your app is not found.

Welcome to the world of SEO

First verify that candy is copyright or not. If candy is copy right then try any synonym of candy in your game title and description.