Can you help me with Facebook ads?

I am using Facebook ads to promote my game. I cannot integrate its SDK because I am using a wrapper. So, I can’t use the CPI marketing model. I have to use CPC.

Today, I spent $10 just to test the waters. I got 100 clicks. Now, because my game doesn’t have any analytics in it, I do not know how many of those 100 clicks actually downloaded the game.

The Google Play Dev Console statistics are very late (showing me statistics of 2 days earlier).

Can you tell me approximately, what percent of clicks convert into actual installs?

IMO, my icons and screenshots are inviting :

I am trying to calculate the numbers to figure out whether I should continue with Facebook or choose AppBrain etc. to promote using per-install model.

Around 15%-30% of the clicks convert into installs from my experience using Facebook ads.

Your app is very inviting. Anyway, your statistics will shows up a few days later in Google Dev Console. same as avradu1984.