Can you explain this eCPM?

Hey folks,

This is the first time I’m using AdMob, here are the results of the first day

Impressions: 62191
Total earned: 18.74$

eCPM: 0.3$

I’m using banner ads only.
Obviously this is very low, is that normal for banner ads? Do you have any suggestion?

Here’s a distribution of the top countries ads were served

Country / Impressions
United States: 6380
Thailand: 4830
Brazil: 4744
Saudi Arabia: 3335
South Korea: 2815
Italy: 2736
Vietnam: 2599
Israel: 2317
Mexico: 2196
France: 1842
Taiwan: 1637
Russia: 1604
Japan: 1567
Indonesia: 1475
Spain: 1465
Germany: 1141
Hong Kong: 1104
Greece: 1056
Bulgaria: 928
India: 837
Czech Republic: 782
Turkey: 744
Egypt: 719
Kuwait: 602
Denmark: 558
Australia: 545
Oman: 541
Canada: 512
Poland: 486
Netherlands: 468
Hungary: 464
United Kingdom: 376
Lithuania: 363
Iraq: 275
Singapore: 209

It can take a while for things to settle on a new app, but either way I don’t think anything looks too wrong.
You’ve got a lot a traffic from low paying countries which is bringing the eCPM down.

Have a look at your U.S traffic by itself and see what the eCPM is for that specific traffic.

I think 0.3$ for banners is not low. I would be really happy, if I had 0.2$ :slight_smile: I am also using admob, and getting 0.7-0.12$, unfortunately, and cannot find any other to change…

Would you recommend changing a network? I’d like to keep using banner ads only…

$0.3 is not low foe banners.

i am getting between 0.3 to 0.8 for almost same traffic.