Can i use my Admob account together with different developer account ?

I have an admob account which is still active - but my developer account was banned some time ago…

Question: Can i use my admob account with a different google play developer account (like from a friend) - means can i integrate my admob id in apps which dont belong to me ?

Is it against google policy ? Or can i do it ?

Yes, I’m using one admob for 2 play dev acc

So Google dont care from where the apps are ?

How long do you use 2 developer accounts with 1 admob account ?

I think Admob will not care about play acc. After my first acc was terminated I create new one and use with old admob acc. Some my friends use many play dev acc with only one admob.

Can someone else confirm this ?
Is there anybody else whose developer account was terminated and NOW using new developer account with OLD admob account ?

Anybody who can answer my question ?

Yes I am doing it now.

So you are using your OLD admob account (same “google account” where your developer account was terminated) with NEW (fake) developer account ?
Since when you are using ?

My GP account was banned April 2015. The admob I had been using then I still use now on 3 different active GP accounts. I really think there is no problem.

Thanks for the info ! Good to hear :slight_smile:
Did you earn lot of money since then with admob ? or only few dollars … ?

Not as much as before the ban. Around 300 -500 euro a month average