Can I use a different email to open another AdMob account?

Hey guys, AdMob suspended my account months ago and I was wondering if i can just just another email with the same developer name.

Why not trying other ad networks?

The problem is that the game making program i am using is very limited so the only choices i have is admob and chartboost.

So i did create another admob account with a different ip address. So far it works fine but i have not put my tax info yet, i wonder if they will realize its the same tax info from my banned account.

you will also have to worry about address verification and payment method.

As for address i can use some of my families and for payment maybe ill create another paypal account with a different email.

I believe admob discontinued paypal payments.

Has anyone else had success with creating another admob account while their older account was suspended?

Can u tell me ur game making program so that I can find a good way for u

I am using MultiMedia Fusion 2. It’s visual programming, they only have admob/chartboost object available for us to use.

Well, just got banned again for no reason.

I have a game that is getting a lot of daily installs as of late. maybe that can be the reason why they are so suspicious.

what was the reason in the email?

and your best bet now would be to use a different ad network instead of admob. there are lots out there, just gotta find the right one.

Didn’t give any reasons but I’m sure they know I’ve been suspended before. I am limited with my game making program to only use admob or Chartboost. So for now I am just using Chartboost which I’m not seeing any good results. I don’t know what else to do.

try to make new admob using vmware (windows installed on virtual machine) , and when they ask u about method of payment use western union

I think i just have to use a different company name, they recognize it from before. I’m giving up on admob. I haven’t been seeing much results with Chartboost.

at the current, i have 2 admob account with 2 difference email. everything still ok

Using the same google dev account name? I think that’s the reason they banned me again.