Can I use 2 developer names with the same Google Play Account?

Hey guys,

I would like to use my current Google account to create a new “developer identity” on the Play Store to be able to publish apps under a new developer name.

The goal would be that users could only see the “other apps” of 1 identity, and not the others.

For example:

  • apps for adults under the name “AdultApps Studio”
  • apps for kids under the developer name “KidsApps Studio”

How could I achieve that?


Why not just create another google account for this seperate “developer.” I believe Google is not against people creating multiple accounts. They just will ban both if one is banned. But that would happen the way you suggest as with same account and multiple developers, anyways. You can fill in the same tax info on the seperate google accounts, just use a seperate developer name.

@Mac i want the thing same you too, but i’m very fear with google play policy. with google they can do a lot of crazy thing without any alert for developer.
be care

Try to use your family info like from your dad, mom, brother, sister, aunt, uncle… and then register new account with difference IP…

Then I guess you imply this is against google’s policy