Can I promote my other apps through banners in my own app?

To rephrase…

I have an app on the Play Store that sells. I have been running banner ads so far.

I was thinking of replacing the banners with my own ads (created by myself) to promote my other apps or my blog. Essentially you click and it goes to the blog or app.
Is this in line with the terms of the play store?

If I do this do I have to put that little ‘Ad’ symbol on the left bottom corner of the banner?


Yes thats fine, its called in-house ads or cross-promo, you dont need the “ad” symbol… yet :slight_smile:

Yes you can replace each of these with your own ads or banners. the HTML for each Ad is kept separate for each size allocation, this way you can add banners or Ads of specific sizes to replace each of these.