Can I earn more with Mediation or other networks ?

Hello friends,

Sorry to spam but after reading a lot of threads about your earnings, I was just keen to know if I can earn more with using mediations or another networks. I heard people here are benefiting from these.
My daily stats:

  • ~40k impressions
  • ~800 clicks
  • ~ $50/day

All with admob and interstitials included. Please let me know of your opinion.

Thanks and Happy New Year :cool:

Try Startapp Exit Ad. I have up to $3 Epcm.
Good luck.

wow, 800 clicks, impression.

But do they have it for all countries.My main traffic is from Non-G7 countries.

Hi, to have great Epcm form any AdNetwork, the secret is to manage your app for having more download from US.
But UE country or ENGLISH country provide good Epcm too.

Have you looked into Smaato or Airpush? I know they both are able to fill in non G7 countries.

No airpush seems a scam to me. I haven’t looked Smaato yet. Don’t heard about them much. I think I’m going with startapp or mobilecore. Let’s see.