Can I create another publisher account and another admob account?

So today, I found out that my admob account was disabled due to invalid clicks. Since I advertised the app by word of mouth I believe it is because of the fact that one of my friends kept clicking on the ads. I found out that he was by looking at the huge revenue being generated and asked him to stop. However, my adsense and as a result my admob account were both disabled? I don’t have the patience to appeal and all that as honestly I am depressed-especially as i didn’t commit fraud like google claims. I am excited to put apps and integrate them with admob.

I would like to know if it is possible and legal to completely start over. Create a new publisher’s account and a new admob account and re-publish my app. Would you suggest any other legal alternative? I hope this isn’t the end of my android developing career. the admob account banned was my family member
's and so id like to know if i can open my own?

Yes, you can. It’s happens to me too. Simply create additional google account. BTW you don’t need re-publish your applications, simply compile with new admob ID.

but it says creating another account on the suspended account name is illegall. So i want to know if i can create on my name as the previous one was on my relatives name…will i be banned again or not?