Can Google play developer account publish apps with different Admob account?

Hi Everyone,

One of my friend wish to publish his first app in Google Play through my developer account. He would like to use his own Admob account for the ad revenue. Is it allowed in Google play to have apps from two different admob accounts?

Thanks in advance.


I would like to know this as well.

I’m so much confused about it. I don’t know actually. Can anyone suggest me also any information about this question, which is told by Venkat ???

I am not sure but if you use Appodeal and Admob together, won’t you virtually use two admob accounts on same app?

Adding to that even though you are using only Appodeal it is not going to be your google account. So logically you can use a different admob account. I am currently using appodeal and i dont face any such issues yet.

Don’t know about 1 Google play 2 Admob accounts.I had published 1 admob account id to 2 different Google play account apps.Never had any problem with it .Its been 1 year since i am using like this.

yes, you can. it’s legal

Thanks for the details guys.

Possible, I did

It is possible to have 2 Admob accounts, but officially they do not support that.
According to Admob policies you can’t have 2 accounts.

As for Appodeal, when you use it in combination with Admob, you don’t set up a second Admob account, therefore you are not at risk.