can developers rate each others apps ?

Hello guys ! its been about 10 days now and there is still this developer copying my description so he can appear above me in the search , using paid reviews service , and putting about 3 ads from admob in the same screen ! he is clearly violating policies ! i flagged him and sent Google all i could to prove that he is copying my description but still no action was taken towards him ! what he is doing now, is using some paid serves to even rate me down ! :frowning: im totally sick of this, my downlaods fell from 2000-4000 per day to 600-800 per day, i dont know what to do ? my question is can i rate his app also ? can i tell my friends to rate his app ? i want to rate his app with one star and say that he has too much ads in one screen and that he is copying my description ? or is it against google policy ? i dont want my account banned after all ! :frowning:

You can report to Google :

google will take around 2 weeks time to reply/take action.
Don’t waste your and friends effort in downgrading him. Someone else will come up another day.
Instead look for ways to make your app foolproof to some extend. Have you localized your app?

Report it here: BadApps

Make sure you explain what it’s violating. Another user used that link yesterday and the offending app was reported and removed within 3 hours!

thanks for your help, i sent a link and explained that he is copying other apps description and also using fake paid reviews, but i don’t seem to see my link yet, is it reviewed first or something ? and also the app is in Arabic i hope if these guys don’t understand the description at least to report him for the fake reviews.

@A1ka1inE, nice link… Seems some devs from GP reads that site, because all reported apps in that site already removed from GP… nice.

I think it’s actually all down to users on reddit. When and app is reported many times to Google they will review it. They only seem to review reports when enough of them come through.

Can you please tell me how to make my post apear ? I posted it in the bad apps sub and i have the link to my post but i ca t find it in the page of bad apps at all , is it reviewed by someone or what ?

Reddit uses an upvote and downvote system. People need to upvote your post for it to become more visible.

@A1ka1inE yes i understand, but i cant even see the post even in the “new” tab newest submissions : BadApps , there is a guy who posted a link after me with 0 upvote and its visible, do you think i should post it again ?

Well I had a similar problem. I made a research and he even lives in the same city I also went to a lawyer. All you cand do is make google bann his account for the adds for example. they don’t care if his app is exactly like yours I sent a lot of mails to google and he is still there. Also in my case he was a rookie in your case it looks like someoune who is ussed to do this because of the rates issue you told. He probably knows how far he can go without getting banned before making enough monney.

Yeah try again.

yep that is so true, in fact when i looked into his apps i found out that this guy was banned before for some other apps, but he did another account and started to copy other developers which include me ! so i guess yes he knows how far he can get without being banned, i reported the issue to the guys on badApps, i didn’t tell them about the ads part tho i just said that he has fake reviews and description copy cat, do you think that’s enough to take him down ? or should i comment and say that he is using more than 1 ad per screen ?

That’s really disturbing, but that’s the reality of app development unfortunately. Google are not one to take immediate action against those guys… Please keep us updated with their response.

You should include all violations.

i did that, i commented and mention all the violations, the app is still alive tho, its funny coz this badapps thing is awesome i see fake and apps like this gets taken now in a few hours, its been 1 day now and nothing, i still have hope tho that it will get down, i hope so

I can’t begin to tell you how many apps I’ve seen using my descriptions…Leave it alone and move on and try and beat them…well beat them…it’s all you can do…It actually got to the point where my apps with my own personal description were being copied and google was actually banning MY apps for copying even though clearly it was not the case…they are pretty retarded honestly.