Campaign tracking on different ad networks


Does anyone know if ad networks use the standard way of tracking Android apps through Google Analytics ?

I mean, do they add referrer=utm_source=foo1&utm_medium=foo2&utm_campaign=foo3 to the links of the ads ?

If so, does anyone know what networks use utm_source = go_launcher and utm_medium = hyperlink ??? I’ve been trying to find info on google for days but I haven’t found any information besides a post with no responses somewhere.


No idea what that Go Launcher tag is (except it must be related to the “Go Launcher Ex” app).

As far as ad networks go, I believe AppBrain use these tags by default. And with other networks like AdMob I suspect many people just enter a URL which includes their own (custom) tracking keywords, when creating the ad.

Thanks david. So it seems Go Launcher Ex is driving downloads to my apps… but where do those ads come from ? I mean, what ad network ? It is a real mistery that I’ve been trying to solve for the past two weeks.

I’m having Go Launcher Ex installed and they have their own “Go Store”. If you click on any of the apps/games in the store it will take you to the app/game in the Google Play store. So that’s probably where those downloads are coming from.