Calling WSDL method in Android

Hi everyone,

I’m developing online solutions basically on browsers using the combination of these technologies (ie. Classic ASP, PHP, jQuery, Ajax, Web services/WSDL) in several programming languages. Currently I am studying Android programming (mobile solution type). I created a WSDL file which is exposed to the internet now with a name “rexService”, referenced code below;

Coded a method names;

  1. “toCelsius” passing a string varFarenheit and the result string varCelsius
  2. “toFarenheit” passing a string varCelsius and the result string varFarenheit

The question is; how do I code these conversion farenheit to celsius in Android codes? Could anyone access my web service in android same as the example in And one more thing, my web service is deployed as COM+ (component) and I’m not using .NET

My webservice is already working in VB, C# and Cobol. Now I need to call it in Android (mobile phone).

Help anyone?!?

I haven’t got any response from the Android programming community of this. From w3schools (CelsiusToFarenheit) web service, things are returning value from their end… and using my rexService/WSDL I’ve returned value as well but not in Android. It work for me in Cobol and C#… so anyone who has an Android code for my deployed web service?


I am having problem with this part of code (I guess???);

private final String NAMESPACE = “”;
private final String URL = “”;
private final String SOAP_ACTION = “”;
private final String METHOD_NAME = “toFahrenheit”;

From what I know my webservice is working and parameters URL and METHOD_NAME are correct, this is what I am using on my Cobol and C# program that accesses “toFahrenheit” by passing celsius value and giving me Farenheit value.

But in Android codes, it is adding 2 more parameters which are; NAMESPACE and SOAP_ACTION. What would be my NAMESPACE and SOAP_ACTION?? Tried several codes already but it won’t work for me.