Calldorado SDK Monetization

Hi all! Any developers looking for monetization of active & inactive users?

I am Peter Jacobsen from Calldorado. We have been doing CallerID for the last 5 years.

Now, we have developed an SDK, a monetization model based on a free CallerID in your app’s look and feel, available as an extra feature for your android users.

[b]Calldorado creates Monetization* from the ads after calls (Post Call Ads), not during! All this happens outside your app and is linked to the android call function.

Our SDK also creates user engagement to your app, since you can customize messages to your users and by that also reach out for your “dead users”.[/b]

Click on the image to see an illustration of Calldorado SDK.
Calldorado screen.jpg

100.000 current Android installs across markets, could give you 7.300 $ per month. Calldorado | User Engagement SDK

This feature is optional to your users, every individual can at any time opt out. Secondly, users will be notified about the feature when installing/upgrading your app.

What do you guys think? The signup process & designing your own CallerID with our tool designer is really simple. My Calldorado