Buying US installs

Hello, we buying US installs for our android APK, only big volumes. We really don’t care how you deliver it, we also can help you with coding - for example code which ask user to install our software before yours launched, ot any other ways, include circled install prompt.

If blackhat guru and can help deliver tons of installs - let’s talk - let me know your contacts. I ready also to answer all questions here.

Hi @droidhen,

We can deliver serious volumes.

Email me - [email protected] or Skype - ariel_shimoni

Let’s talk.

I’ve added you to skype

Still buying, always buying! Anyone want to be a millionaire this year? Contact with me :slight_smile:

I live in USA so send me your apk file and I can give you an install for free.

lol, I need 100k’s of installs, it’s not deal about reviews/getting to top/ etc. I have apk outside any markets and I need huge distribution for it

thx for offer btw :slight_smile:

Add me on skype: ilpollooooo , maybe I can help you.

Added you to skype. Still searching for partners :slight_smile: Always happy to talk with guys who can make 10K+ US installs daily. Thx.

Thanks to all who replied, but we need MORE! :slight_smile:

Add me to Skype and let’s talk. We have huge amounts of volume in the US.

[email protected]
Skype: yoni_raveh

I have more than 20k active users from US and I have own house ads. If you want - we can talk about it. My skype is mmmkkksss.mmmkkksss2