Buying Reviews is helps? To promote my app in app store?

Buying Reviews is helps? To promote my app in app store?

Hi, buying reviews is a forbidden practice

Real users could be offered a bonus for rating an app, but even in this case their number is obviously limited to 100-200 people. Also you can’t get a 100% guarantee that all the reviews will be positive as real people may have different points of view.

Unfortunately, many free apps were pushed to the top positions by bot farms, but i believe their fall will be dramatic too

I don’t think so Google is that fool. They can easily detect what type of people coming to your app. So, not a good idea, however if you share it to related forums or sites it can attaract some real downloaders.

Hi friends, buy fake reviews is bad for your app. If it was found by app store, maybe your app will be removed from the app store. But if you buy positive reviews and high ratings from real users, it can help promote your app. I listed the advantages of buying app reviews in your other posts. You can consider if you need the service. And if you have any concerns or questions, you can send to me. I will answer your questions. And you can look at [b]Reviewapp4u[/b] and [b]Bestreviewapp[/b], both of them can provide real users positive reviews and high ratings. Thanks for your reading.