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Hi guys,
I was contacted from someone over at with an offer of promotion of 0.05USD for each download. The price seems nice, but there is no particular report or targetting. They will only send me a list of IPs of those who downloaded.
They also say they offer linking to google play through a banner, but this costs 60USD per month.
Have you tried them before? Do you find it worthwhile?

The banner is definitely not worth it , that site doesn’t seem to have enough traffic to be charging that much for a banner.

I just tried to download a game and my browser said it was an attack page.

I also find it a little dumb to purchase installs on a site like this, because there would be no kind of rating advantage when doing it. Obviously it is way better to buy installs from GP, thus getting higher exposure in the ranks. But I just thought to ask if there is something else I might have missed.

By the way, I seem to be getting a few downloads from, so for those of you who try alternative markets, you might want to try them.

Please anyone explain me what is the purpose or advantage of using Thanks

Just another android store for getting few more downloads.

But how would the download be recorded against Google Play store

What do you mean?

There are plenty of different 3rd party markets for Android apps. You can use this along side your apps on Google Play (and doesn’t get counted on your Google Play downloads, but on the respective markets dashboards) is a decent site. At Airpush we have a Bundle 2 SDK for these other markets that pays a flat rate of $0.05 per new user install and agreement opt in world wide, at a $50 eCPM, and is perfect for these markets.

Check out our 3rd party market guide -

PM Me if you want to test this SDK.
Airpush Nick

I am just curious as to why I would leave Google Play and go to download apk files from elsewhere. Any benefit to the users?

Those who cannot install GOOGLE play and those who search for apks through desktop google search will find your apps in more places than one, so you got more chances of downloads of your apps if you spread them in alternative markets as well. Apkfiles is just another alternative market. Do not expect as many downloads as Gp, but for some cases it is worth uploading in such markets.

No particular benefit for the users, but some benefit for us as developers.

In other markets you can find apps that googleplay doesn’t allow. Lets say a user want Sonic game wallpapers and googleplay doesn’t have it, then users will go to alternate appstores. There’s a lot of games and apps not on googleplay but in alternate stres.