Buying a paid review is really helps my app to get more download on the app store?

Buying a paid review is really helps my app to get more download from the app store?

The importance of positive app reviews:

[li]High quality app reviews can help increase app downloads. Most people like to download the app with many 5 star app reviews. When they see one app have many positive reviews, they think this is a good app to use.
[/li][li]Most apps with much more positive reviews are featured on App Store. App Store will recommend the app that is praised by users.
[/li][li]The volume of reviews you receive has the biggest impact (apart from downloads) on your rankings in the top charts and search results.
[/li][li]App reviews also can help developers know the advantages of their app, to make their app better.

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The reason why I recommend them to developers is that they can promise:

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Yes, this method is like healing process that can save your app from previous negative reviews and low rating.

Reviews also help to convince the users to try your app and make them think that your app previously was used by someone else and it’s worth their time to install it.

are the efficient tool to create the brand status and be significantly recognizable.

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The rating and reviews have a significant impact regarding your app keyword ranking position and the spot in the search result page.

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The app takes the higher position in ranking position.
Positive reviewsmake users to download your application. The reviews and rankings also have an influence on the overall discoverability and the total ranking of the app.