Buy PPI for New Apps, Try to Boost to "Top New Free" List..

Hi, I want to boost the ranking of my new apps, which ads networks is good?
I heard Appbrain is cheapest, what is the CPI?? Any other recommendation?

Thanks. :confused::confused:

Appbrain - minimum $0.2
Chartboost - minimum $0.5
Heyzap - minimum $0.45
Tapjoy - minimum $0.10 (but this is for incentivized ads)

There are others but they are more expensive.

Good luck!

For Appbrain, if I bid $0.2, how many installs can be made in 1 day??
Also what is “incentivized ads”?


Depends on how many countries you will target.

If you will target top level countries like USA, UK, Australia you won’t get a lot of installs because there is a lot of competition in those countries so your app won’t appear so many times in the ads.

If you target countries from Asia you will get a lot more installs for the same money (and a lot faster) because competition is lower and your app will show more often.

The only way to know for sure is to actually do it but I can offer some of my own stats for my latest game. So, using Appbrain and targeting United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, South Korea, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Czech Republic, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium and 8 more countries I am spending around $200 per day with an average cost of $0.22 per install. So that’s about 900 daily paid installs.

Incentivized ads means users who download your app will be rewarded virtual currency (coins, points, hints, etc) in other apps where you get advertised. Here is an example. Let’s say I have a game and some users need hints to help them progress in my game. I tell the users: download one of the following apps (it will be a list of apps in an offer wall) and you will get rewarded with new hints. If they download an app from that offer they will be rewarded with hints inside my game. The problem with this (for you, who is advertising) is that user won’t probably be interested in continuing using your app because they only downloaded to get rewarded in my game. And most probably they will uninstall your app shortly after being rewarded with hints in my game. Rankings on Google Play are also calculating using a formula that contains the number of installs and uninstalls. So if your app has a lot of uninstalls it will drop in rankings. That means using this kind of ad marketing strategy might do more harm than good to your app. Usually you need a very good app to make it worth buying incentivized installs for your app.

I hope this helps!

Good luck!

If I only target US, $0.22 bid, how many install can I get roughly?
Thanks for your detailed info.

Around 300-400 daily installs I guess. Depends a lot on the quality of your app’s name and screenshots.


there is minimum amount in ads network TAPJOY, APPBRAIN…
That i need pay
Or i can do also campaign for only 5$ ?

There isn’t a minimum for Appbrain, don’t know about Tapjoy. If you have a very low budget I suggest you save the money and invest it in something else: improved graphics, nice sounds, etc. From my experience you need at least $500 - $1000 to get you started, anything lower will be a waste of money.

If I bid $0.22 on Appbrain for my new apps, any chances it can boost into the Top New Chart??

There is a top new chart for every single country in the World and they are pretty much independent from each other. That means if you have 10 downloads from Moldova you will rank better than if you have 1000 downloads from the USA.

It depends a lot on the type of app you have. If it’s a game, then competition is a lot higher. It also depends on the competition in the app/game sub category. So 1000 installs for an app from Apps > Lifestyle will get you higher in the top lists compared to Games > Brain & Puzzle because there are a lot more apps in the Games > Brain & Puzzle category.

From my experience, for a puzzle game with 1000 downloads only from the USA in 5 days you will rank around #400 in top new free for Brain & Puzzle in the USA. If you have 10 installs in the UK you won’t appear in the top new free for UK.

Only Google knows the algorithm but according to what I’ve read and experienced, it’s a combination of number of installs, number of uninstalls, velocity of these numbers, number of ratings, average rating, +1’s and more. And my personal opinion is that the number of installs and uninstalls is the most important factor (over 75%) compared to the rest.

My target is Games > Causal > Top New Free on US store, how much should I bid in Appbrain?

I don’t have an answer to that because:
a) I didn’t release any casual games;
b) your question is incomplete: how much should you bid to achieve what?

You will have to test different bids and budgets yourself because each game is different to other. I believe any campaign with a budget lower than $500 is a waste of money and I recommend at least $2000 - $3000 to get you started.

I want Top New Free 200. Thanks.

To reach the #200 top new free for Games > Casual in the USA you probably need to get around 3000 installs from the USA in 5 days. This is just an assumption based on my experience, it should not be taken as a guarantee.

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We’ve been using AppBrain in the past, so some thoughts about their service:

It works quite well and you can expect some user engagement.
However, you should always use country targeting and higher bids than $0.2.

Without country targeting you will get about 80-120 installs from their service at $0.2 / install.
This results in downloads but low quality traffic and fraud - for example we got 60% of the traffic from middle east.
600 downloads were delivered - with only ~150 downloads from Tier 1 & 2 countries and 200 downloads from Iran and Iraq alone which clearly were fraudulent installs.

So if you want quality traffic from your installs you should target specific countries only and set your bid to $0.35-$0.40.