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Hello friends, data shows that 12% users will download the app with 1-star, 15% users will download 2-star app, and 50% about 3-star. But for the apps with 4-star, download rate is as high as 96%, 100% for 5-star apps. That is to say, 90% won’t download the app when see it only have 1-star ratings and reviews. So we can see that app ratings is really helpful. So app developers should try their best to gain more app ratings.

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According to recent rough Google policy it is better to see the service which propose not the ratings solely, but reviews which are accompanied by ratings together. :eek:

Besides while ordering “review and ratings” service do not forget to launch the installs campaign simultaneously which will guarantee the balanced promotion for your app in Store and it turns off the suspicious activity from Google side.

Currently as alternative I would strongly recommends to set the [b]keyword installs campaign[/b] which allow your app be found in search result app page and increase properly the keyword ranking position.

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