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Bug in Airpush Ads! Nick please check this ASAP

hii guys,

I’ve seen this bug in couple of my apps

Ad is shown in a small dialog that doesn’t contain the whole ad and u have to scroll down the dialog itself to see the “No thanks” button

when the dialog is shown there is no way to close it if u don’t scroll to the no thanks button

attached a pictures and deleted the app behind but you can see the bug
Nick @ Airpush, Fix this ASAP Please!!!

Mizizi - PM me you airpush email address, the app id and your IMEI and I will get it resolved.

Airpush Nick

Hey Mizizi,

Still haven’t heard back. Please check your PMs.


Looks to me you don’t have your android layout setup properly. What screen resolution are you testing this on?

sorry for the delay in my answer,
I’m using galaxy s3, this didn’t happen on my apps only, but every app on the market that has airpush ads.

It was back to normal 2 days ago, and then wrong again (ads were still cut), and now its again ok.

I hope it stays this way so google won’t kill airpush sdk

I am also seeing it in my app i was going to implement airpush smartwall ads in my apps but now i think i should wait until they fix it
and someone just got banned because of Airpush Sdk???

@Mizizi - let me know if this happens again. @taimur97 - I’m going to send you a PM.


Its back again! fix this ASAP!!!

We pushed through an update and the rendering issue has been resolved.
PM me if you still get any errors.