Budget Control Widget

Budget Control is a small free widget that lets you see your expense, income and budget managed by the HandWallet app on the home screen of the phone.

Why a budget control app is better than Excel?
Because it is more simple and yet has more options
Because it will give you the full picture and not just the bank or credit card status

Why to use our Budget Control Widget?
Because it’s the best expense & budget widget. And because we are creating expense manager and budget software for 10 years and know exactly why most people want to manage budget & expense but only few succeed.

How to start?
Download the HandWallet app for free. Then enter few expenses for example a car expense, a travel expense, mortgage and so on. Now put the Budget Control Widget on you home screen a see the total of all your expense.

How to control budget?
In the HandWallet app press the “data” button then categories. Select your category, for example “car expense”. Press the “advanced” button and select the type of budget: fixed budget, summarized budget and so on. You can define a different budget for each period. Repeat this process for other categories: health budget, food budget and so on. Finally make sure that the general category “expense” has a budget of type “summarized budget”, meaning that the budget is calculated from all its sub categories.

How to install the budget control widget in Android devices?
Watch the video: