Brick Jump (review exchange)


Please have a look at my latest game:

Hi, I just rated 5* and g+ from user “Cosmin Sulea”, Please do the same for this app:


5 star review and +1 under the name Ossama Benallouch. here is mine

P.S. i will not uninstall yours. could you do the same for my game?

@suleac, I already rated your game.
@thethorapps, just left a review, thank you!

Hi, I just rated 5* and g+ from user “Maciej Kwasniew***”, Please do the same for this app:

@jurkwas, done, thanks!

Rated 5* and g+ as “Zbych zr” please do the same for me:

@Zbych, thanks, I just left a review for you.

5 star review, comment and +1 under the name nabil el haouari.

Thanks, just posted this review for your game: “Nice game”

Done, G+ and 5* review “name : boukhari”
Please do the same for mine :
bubble puzzle


@Dante2000, the url is invalid. @myErTha, the url is invalid.

@myErTha, done, thanks: “Nice game, very fun!”

Hi, Just reviewed it & rated 5* “Tommy Guitar”. Please review and rate my app:

@Tom7171, I already reviewed that app so I am reviewing Bass Tuner instead: “Great bass tuner!”

Finished Review as Muhammad adam , here my link :

@adelf788, done, thanks: “Very addictive math game.”

Hey just rated 5*and G+ under name Miles Prowler. Please do same for me. Thanks

5’ed your game as Marnielle Lloyd Estrada. Rate my game, too

@MilesP, done, thanks: “Fun puzzle game.”