Brand new monetization offer!

Hello friends.

Many of you know that my work deals with the apps’ monetization and I can drive high quality traffic to all mobile markets.

I am interested in working on various games by the revenue share model, so we are able to make you a great offer to monetize your games.

Terms: I am looking for the games on Google Play and Amazon App Store. We only work with games, which app rank is at least 3.5 stars. I can also consider reskins of new games. From your side is required to provide only the apk file and to set ad-campaigns according to my recommendations.

In my turn, I guarantee that your application will get at least 50k organic downloads in the USA and it will bring you personally at least 3,5k USD. At the same time, we help to configure the monetization of applications properly in order to provide maximum revenue.

We are working on a revshare system, the ratio is 30/70% - in our favor. You might think that this is unfair. It’s your right. Please do not raise flood in this thread. If you are interested in this offer, please write me a PM. I would appreciate if you would use this thread for feedbacks or to share your experience.

On the screenshots below you can see the results of running campaigns.