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BlueStacks vs Admob?

Hello, i see some people run my android app in BlueStacks( Run Mobile Apps on Windows PC or Mac with BlueStacks | Android App Player). Is it ok for my admob ads?

Hi, are there any body here?

I’d imagine AdMob would work fine in BlueStacks - except for location targeting. A lot of mobile ads are location-based (even if GPS is turned off, using coarse location). I’m not sure how BlueStacks handles this. But apart from this I don’t see what difference it makes.

May be admob will track the devices, ip, android version … ?

And they find BlueStacks is not real android device?

Will be i mark as cheater?

You’ll have to ask AdMob for an official answer to that. But my guess would be “No”, you won’t suffer any adverse effects from using AdMob in BlueStacks.
It would be pretty much the same as running your app in the Android emulator actually. AdMob shows ads in the emulator fine, and I don’t think BlueStacks has enough market share at this stage to be a significant percentage of your overall app users anyway. Still probably a good idea to ask, and see if you can get a clear ruling from AdMob themselves. As BlueStacks continues to grow it could be an important issue.