I am working for Appflood team as a BD manager, I realize many developers here are not familiar with Appflood. I would give a brief introduction to you guys how it works. In advance, I’m not boasting this ad network, I just give you some ideas which network is most suitable for your app.

First of all, it’s a very transparent network, just when you register, you can have a look at the advertisers are alive on the network and bid price.

Secondly, to be honest I can’t say the ecpm on appflood can reach above blabala, I think no one networks can give you revenue guarantee, actually it depends on your app percent conversation and networks bid price. The average bid price on appflood now is $1.2.

Finally, I can’t make sure your very high percent conversation, but I can help you get a knowledge how to get higher, especially the traffic use ratio. Appflood Recently open CPC Campaign, and we are negotiating brand advertisers and networks around world.

If you have some questions, I’d like to help in neutral position.

Appflood is really the best transparent network I used. By the way, I couldn’t see many CPC campaigns now. When will it open abundant?

Hi Vivian,

Thanks for using appflood. Most advertisers are apps, especially mobile games, most of them prefer to do CPI. Nowadays we’re focusing on brand ads, and more CPC campaigns will run next month.:slight_smile: