Blast & Cruise w/SARMs

Not do this. I know everyone else has already said that.

I tried SARMs before my first real cycle.

Ran LGD-4033, Ostarine, and YK11.

All these hands combined can’t even compare to one run of the 600 mg/W e test.

You have had exceptional benefits from your SARMs cycle.

I would bet that the profit from real gear will blow your own mind with what you achieve.

Don’t waste your money on guns.

Pin some kind of test.

Well, actually everyone uses it but nobody says it out loud… I mean, you have to be stupid to do so.

Why be so rude to him? Even if he is new at this maybe he tries something new and that is great! Moreover, he writes it here so that he could get proper answers related to this subject from people with some experience in it. For instance, when my sister just started her road in sports she wanted to grow muscles faster and used some bad protein or other thing and it did only worse… but it costed a lot. So, then I decided to help her out and told her to check out this that would definitely help her and have all the answers to her questions. So, it is great that he is asking questions here where experienced people can give him a proper advice.