Billiard Adventures - real-time billiard adventure with live balls on 48 3d levels!

Real-time billiard adventure with live balls, unique abilities and power ups on 48 3D levels!

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What happens when billiard balls starts to move by itself, placed on different levels with unique abilities?
The result is billiard adventures - game where you fight with other moving balls - they tries to drop you off the level!
Balance on level’s edges, solve simple physics puzzles, unlock new billiard balls, perform great combos to complete entire adventure on 48 3D levels across forest, desert, snowy lands and even dungeons.

Game features:

[li]Unique live balls with special abilities move and try to drop your ball
[/li][li]Collect stars and unlock powerful skins
[/li][li]48 3D levels in different locations
[/li][li]Use power ups to make great combos
[/li][li]Endless arena mode - fight as long as you can

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