Big Problem Ref: company asking me to advertise them

Guys im pretty much a novice but somehow around one year ago i made a couple of apps via andromo combined i have around 50k users i make around £40 a year via adverts however a online compny has asked me would i advertise their website on my apps for 12 months and they made me a very good offer to do this but i havent a clue where to start esp as i made the apps via andromo and know nothing about coding etc. Can anyone possibly help me? :frowning:

50k active users and only 40 pounds a year ? :eek:

Sounds like you would want to show banner or interstitial house ads linking to their site. You can use something like madvertise to set up your own ad server, the site would just need to send you images to use for the ads. I’m not positive if Andromo supports that kind of thing though

i know :frowning: was making around £90 every six weeks for a wee while but admob removed my app saying it broke rules cos of links to a sky sports news webpage that had adverts showing. Only thing that is showing now is mobpartner banners as i said a company has offered me a good package just to show off a banner or something with clickable link to their website.

yep thats the problem and with me being a novice im depending on being able to do something via andromo

i haven’t worked with Andromo but a simple button or a post in your app saying “Please check my sponsors” would be doable and fine, i think

I can’t find out if Andromo allow this

I’m willing to pay a company or persons able to guide setup of this does anyone know of anywhere online?

Can anyone help or anyone looking some paid work to sort this.?

I would try asking for help on the andromo forums.