[Big news]The new version of GaGa is released

Big news!!!
Yesterday, under the efforts of our technical staffs, GaGa 1.0.2 has been successfully released. We actively adopt the user’s recommendations to improve the user experience, In this upgrade, Gaga updates the following:

1.Optimize GaGa ID number, pure digital account is convenient to search and add friends.
2.Add “instant alert function” about trends, don’t miss the wonderful trends.
3.Add message list interface, the new messages will be storaged unifiedly to make the interface more concise.
4.Optimize the translation, online translation is more accurate and immediate.
5.Optimize “Encounter” search rules, recommend high value quality users.

Is it exciting? Come on download and try it!
If you have any problem or good suggestions in use, please feel free to contact our customer service, or send email to us directly: [email protected]
We will continue to update and improve it!
Download now!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoneyet.gaga