big holiday budgets & new website - mobimicro

Very happy to finally announce we’ll be taking on new developers for our platform. The holiday season brings on additional advertising budgets from the top retailers and that means big opportunity for all of our partner publishers. We charge our merchants by a CPC model in which we share back to our publisher partners.

[li]Our SDK takes 15 minutes to integrate with your app
[/li][li]Doesn’t take away from your existing banner revenue (so new revenue)
[/li][li]Friendly user experience so no one will complain about it being spammy on your reviews

Please feel to sign up through our brand new website and we’ll get back to you ASAP with next steps

mobiMicro - The First “Product” Network | A mobile product advertising network that connects merchants to active mobile shoppers


Do you pay per download?

This is not an ad/app network - we showcase actual products retailers are promoting. Paying a portion of the CPC every time a user clicks on a product.

I’m definitely interested in giving this model a shot. What about the payment schedule, and a ballpark CPC? I’m sure it depends on the price of the products being converted, but is there any real-world data that can be shared about potential earnings? Thanks!

Glad you asked. We’re very forward about our pay schedule and typical CPC ranges.

I’m unfortunately contracted to pay out on a net-45 basis because it’s just how the big retailers deal with their pay schedule. It’s a cash flow issue that we’re obviously working hard to fix with them, but it’s an uphill battle getting the CFO of eBay or Amazon to really budge. That being said, we do pay out immediately after we get the funds. Sometimes it’s earlier than the 45.

The CPCs definitely vary depending on the price point but it’s more determined by the quality score we have in place. The higher the quality score, the higher the CPC. We’ve seen on average a $0.10 - $0.15 CPC. To get higher quality score, a user ends up purchasing something on the merchant’s site.

Gonna jump in here and say I was one of mobiMicro’s earlier testers and things have been improving non-stop with them.
Their support is the best I’ve ever experienced and they’re always finding ways to increase potential revenue through tweaks and updates etc.
I highly recommend giving them a shot!

Our latest SDK will be released today - please sign up through here to be the first to get it:
Sign Up | mobiMicro - The First “Product” Network

We have millions in budget for the holiday season - big revenue opportunity for our partners!