[ beta testers required ] - line attack

Hi guys,

Test out App and get 5 reviews and 5 g* stars.

Tester’s Link:

Prepare your machines for battle and experience high-adrenaline, thunderous demolition face-offs in our upcoming, one of its kind title for Android. With a great variety of battle types, range of players and enemy machines, dozens of environment setups and objects to destroy and swift and simple gameplay, this is set to be the most over-the-top casual action racer on mobile.

Here is the video link:

Please join the test and let us know your feedback through:
[[email protected] / www.facebook.com/famousdoggstudios]([email protected] / www.facebook.com/famousdoggstudios)

All testers will be given special coupon codes to win free virtual currency and other benefits in the production release. Also it is required that the tester accompany us completely through testing, plus give his honest responses.