Beta testers - PPD up to $0.09 Google Compliant

Hello All,

Some of you already know us and some already working with us but for those who don’t …

My name is Rotem and I would like to represent our company, AppGrade - powerful monetization solutions for app developers.

We developed ad-units, including industry standard such as Interstitial ads and as well our proprietary ones.
We’re looking for beta testers towards our soft launch…
Payment: US installs = $0.05; non US installs = $0.01 + $50 fast acting bonus for developers who start sending traffic in the next 12H.
developers who will drive min of 10,000 installs until 29.09 (Sunday) we will increase the rates to: $0.09 for all US installs and $0.02 for all non US installs.
You can open an account here:
for more details you can contact me @ [email protected]


your rates looks promising!

Do you pay for EACH EULA accept or after like… one ad delivered? (Yes, I’m asking if this is real PPD model)

Is anyone test Appgrade ? Is it working nice and giving the PPD values as promised ?

I tried it. So far they are paying for the 1st and 2nd beta. I guess the PPD is only for beta. So better act fast before they end the promotion.

what kind of ads will come up?

I’m seeing about 5000 downloads and 0 revenues so far :expressionless:

You have to calculate manually or ask rotem.

Yes we pay per each EULA accept.

Interstitial and out of the app “Smart-Bar” (Google compliant)

You will see only installs without revenues that we are doing manually because the rates are for the beta test period.