Beta Airpush SDK

I was invited to try out Airpush’s New Beta SDK that offers up to 10 cents per download.

I am still waiting for them to send me the SDK after I accepted their offer, has anyone else tried it yet?

This is also for outside of google play, as it wont be google play compliant. They also claimed up to $100 ECPM with this SDK.

Can’t wait to test, I get tons of traffic to my website. I get 3500 downloads a day from apps just from my website.

I have a some great news for you! Airpush just released their 3rd Party (Off-market) Beta SDK. This SDK includes more alternative advertising options, which are not Google Play Store compliant but produces higher revenues. We have picked a limited amount of developers to test with us and you were one of the few who were chosen! 

We are paying a promotional rate up to $0.10 PPD which is potentially $100.00 CPM!! Something unheard of in Mobile!

If you have any questions or would like to be a beta partner, please reach out to me here and I can add you on the Beta list!

I wish it is not 10 cent for US and 1/5 cent for non-US )

Still waiting for them to get back to me on details and the SDK

Minimob pays 0.05 to 0.2 for non google play…

ok they are paying 10 cents per user acceptance of the EULA world wide, but no revenue share on the ads themselves, they get paid for the ads. I still think this will make more in the ling run for non google play. so it is basically $100 per 1000 USERS who accept EULA, which is not bad I can easily get 1000 new users everyday for an easy $100 a day.

what do they advertise what do the users get?