Best Virtual Currency Network?

Hey guys,does any one of you uses Virtual Currency?
Which according to you is the best network for Virtual currency?
Are vidoes and surveys the only thing which are rewarded?


There are a few strong players in the space, Adscend Media is one of them. Of course, as the founder of Adscend, I am biased. However, we have been working with virtual currency publishers since 2009 and in the past year have made our way into mobile and are integrated with some of the top VC mobile pubs today.

Outside of us, Fyber is another good one.

As for offers… videos, surveys, mobile app installs, sign ups, paid/trial offers, etc. are all apart of the offer wall or rewarded video units. We mix & match depending on performance - whatever earns you the most and is easiest for the user to complete.

Hi Efhz,
Can you tell me more about Adscend Media? Can you tell me about the fill rates etc ?
Can I set up credits vs $ ?
After how much money Can I expect a user will start seeing the same repetitive ads ?
Can a person watch the videos twice to gain rewards?
I am looking to monetize 100,000 daily users to monetize one of my apps.
I want to allow users to unlock content in my app.
I have plans to monetize a single user for about $10


Sure thing! We are a performance based ad platform specializing in monetizing premium content and virtual currency. Our offer wall has strong fill rates with over 2000 offers currently available. We add 10-30 new offers daily, so repeat users can expect new offers to be available almost daily. Fill rates are strong in all tier 1 countries and we also aim for strong fill rates globally - some countries, like Singapore, end up only having 5-10 offers available at a time but they are still refreshed frequently enough. You can expect up to $90 per 1000 US users who interact with our offer wall if you get the placements right and users are interested in your offerings enough. Videos have frequency caps - so some of them allow daily watches, some only allow it once every 30 days.

Please ping me via PM - I am more than happy to go over how our solution can work for you in detail. I think I will need to learn a lot more about what you are doing!

You should try tapjoy

Hi Fehz,
I want users to unlock things/features in my app.
For each unlock, I want to make a certain amount of money from them,so I want to know Can I set up credits vs $ ?
What I mean to say is Can I do this with your app?," allowing users to gain x amount of credits and for that ,I will be receiving a certain amount of money".
Can this happen with your network?
Can you show some apps that are already doing it?
Can you show a forum where users complained about your network and how you resolved them?

Ankit, yes we have exactly what you are looking for. Our offer wall allows you to let users earn credits & you receive money on the back end. I am happy to show you examples of diff. live implementations, I’ll PM you those.

As for a forum, most complaints happen in our private convos with pubs. We resolve them because we want you to be happy and your users to be happy. The only way we can make money is if we help you make lots of it too :). We have been around since 2009 and paid over $45 million to date as of now so we have a track record. Let us show you why we can deliver - you can ask us all the tough questions and we’re always more than ready to handle them.

I wasn’t interested in the track record,that’s something I can check via google ,but I was more interested in the problems people run into.
For e.g the users of apps where Tapjoy is integrated,complain that they didn’t receive the credits after completing offers.
I want to ask,are these rewarded videos CPI based ? or CPM based?
Can I control how much money I will receive when a user is sent x amounts of coins/virtual currency?

In terms of single networks you should look into AdColony, MediaBrix and Vungle. If you’re looking for a mediation platform that supports virtual currency I’d check out Aerserv, Fyber and MoPub (launching VC beta)

Credit issues can def. occur - we resolve them via our Support as a result.

Rewarded video is CPI based for us.

You can also control how many credits you will give per $1 USD :).