Best time to release an app?

Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a specific day or time that would be best to release an app? Does it matter if I release an app on Monday rather than on Friday?


As far as i know it does not

I’ve read somewhere that Thursday is a good day to release an app…

There are lots of downloads during the festival season (Nov - Dec). But that doesnt mean that you should wait that long.
Just release when you are ready.
Also, depends on what type of app you are launching and who are the competitors.
The answer may also be dependent on if you are planning to promote your app

for non-festival the weekend is best. Usually people are free from work and are looking for new apps and un-installing old apps on their devices

I never here this before.

I don’t think so why you are thinking so much about days?

I know the best time…!

The Current Time is best time for every work

I usually release on wednesday/thursday so by the time weekend comes around, my app is in top new free lists. it takes a few days for google to cache the apps across its servers so thats why I give myself a 2 day head start :slight_smile: