Best Mobile Ad Network for developers?

What do you recommend for mobile ad networks for Android developers and why?

Hey Appv3nture, I’d love for you to give my network (mobiMicro) a try. We promote relevant products inside your app from the top merchants. Because our network is run on a CPC basis, revenue is consistent unlike one that runs on an eCPM. To further our case, we actually don’t take away from your banner revenue because we like to call ourselves an extension of your app. So run both at the same time and double your revenues!

Our SDK takes 15 minutes to implement and we’ll definitely find products that match your audience.

Here’s our site:

It depends on the ad format you are planning to use…

I personally do not have much success with banner ads. For my first app (a game) I had a simple “more games” button which opened a link with sponsored games from Appflood. I found that it gave me more income than banner ads. :slight_smile:

Also for me their interstitial were better than Appbrain.


im looking for support from new or existing developers who want to use a safe inapp exit/entry banner ad network.

To start with im giving free advertising (one slot per app) for your apps/site in return for integrating our ad network. Its shows only banner ads 300x250. Easy to intergrate as theres no SDk required just a simple URL based API.

Remember your free ad slot remains active as long as you app stays active, so the more apps we get involved the more exposure you will get for free.

Why use my ad network? Well its different as we only target android devices or websites related to android apps, so its very targetted niche. Its free, cant argue with that! Its easy to integrate. You can exclude certain types of ads (like gambling), users can share your ad with their friends exposing you even more. You get your own stats link to see how its going, you can update your links or banners whenever you want. Its big banner ads proven to get more clicks and views. Well if that doesnt convince you then em youre welcome to try pingjam (…no seriously dont, im joking!)

Well you have to try it no?

Click Here

See here for full details and contact me to discuss your app.

I’m glad you had success with AppFlood :slight_smile:

Since I work for AppFlood, I won’t pretend to have an unbiased recommendation. But since the topic of different ad formats came up, I thought some of you might be interested in the comparisons we made between ours:

CTR by ad format
IR by ad format
App lists vs. panels
Which format earns the most

As you can see, it is true that banners don’t tend to perform as well as some of the other formats.


There are several ad networks which give platform to ad dev. I am using and I must say I am really happy with their customer support and timely payouts.
You can try them.

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I’ve tried many ad networks but didn’t get much revenue. Now, I’m thinking of making use of Amazon Ad API. It’s new, and I heard that Amazon’s Appstore is expanding, so I think it’s good in the long run.

first-time poster, so I hope I am doing this right.

I am guessing you are asking because you are wondering about

  • best conversion
  • trustworthy payouts
  • easy install?

Our company apponsor offers another kind of monetization. Users can move from seeing the mobile network ads (you keep that built-in) to ad-free by signing up for a newsletter, specially targeted to each user. The sponsor of this newsletter pays a commision for each registration, directly to the developer, meaning you. There are various options for settings as to when, how often etc. a user gets to see the sign-up. All you need to to is publish your app with our SDK.
Here is our site:
Sponsors pay up to .40 Euro per registration and the conversion rates are higher than you’d think.

Hope this helps.

Personally I feel Sunnymob is one the best Ad networks available in the market right now. Not only does their SDK requires the industry’s simplest integration but their engineers have optimized the video, landing pages, data matching algorithm to drive the eCPM to extremely high values. Moreover, they have a global reach in over 200 countries with 5,000,000,000+ daily impressions worldwide.

One of their clients NJ. Brilliance I.E. PLC, even boasted of having their revenues surged by 70% after integrating their video rewarded ads. also, one their unique features is their payment method. They have monthly payment with multi-payment methods.Even weekly payment is available in special cases.

Check out their website for more information - sunnymob high ecpm app advertisement sdk

Thats sounds like YOU ARE from sunnymob !?

Anybody here who has experience with them ?

On their website they say that ecpm in ALL regions are between 2 - 14 dollars ? so you can say that you everytime get minimum 2 dollar ecpm on every coutnry ???
hard to believe …

I think trying out what works best for you, your app and different geos is best.
Why not give multiple ad networks a try vs just one?

Enhance™ allows you to integrate one or more ad networks as well as analytics and allow you to swap them out to your liking with ease. 2 minutes… boom new network. 2 minutes… boom flurry. 2 minutes… well you get the picture. Click the banner for more info on Enhance™.