Best methods to increase the installs of your app!

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Today I will share you some methods about how to get more installs of your app. I understand there are many articles have written this topic, but I still insist on publish this post at here, hoping it can help you a lot!:slight_smile:

The following are the methods that I want to share with you:

1. advertising
we have to admitted that advertisement is the most effective methods to increase the exposure rate of your app, which is also a method to get more installs of your app.

Advertising includes two sides: online advertising and offline advertising

online advertising:

websites:you can put the advertisement of your app in popular websites , which can increase your app’s exposure rate.Besides, you can put video of your app on YouTube and other relevant websites to advertise your app. Indeed, the classified and review websites are also useful platforms to advertise your app, the audiences maybe install your app when they browse these websites.

forums: forums have many potential users of your app, you can find some relevant forums and create a your own account. Adding some relevant app developers to share your app link and some experience with them to get more installs of your app.

app stores:you can put your app advertisements in app stores directly, for most audiences would like to choose an app be guided by others.

social media: you can advertise your app in some popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram. Because there are abundant potential audiences in these platforms so that you can use this good resource to get more installs of your app.

cross promotion: if you have published more app that have received good responses, you can use the platform completely to advertise your app, because the potential audiences are the precious resources for your new app

offline advertising:

poster: an attractive and appealing post can guide many audiences to install your app. So, you have to try your best to beautify your app post to guide the potential audiences to get your app.

people-crowed place:the subway, bus station and other people-crowed place are the perfect place to advertise your app. Most people prefer to pay attention to some interesting and new things when they are boring and tired.

mouth to mouth advertising: if you have an valued and interesting app, the people who have installed your app would like to advertise your app actively.

2. collaborate with professional company: Promote app is a tough task and process for app developers, if have limited time and effort but enough budget, you can collaborate with a reliable app store optimization company, like ASOTOP1, to help you, which can provide more professional and effective methods for you.

3. optimize your app: If you have tried the methods that I have mentioned above, your app has still few installs. You have to consider to the problems about your app. To solve this problem, you can try to do ASO work, optimizing app title, icon, descriptions, reviews, etc. Of course, update your app in time is anther method to promote your app.

4. other app marketing tips:

invite your friends and relative to install your app

reviews and installs exchange

take part in some relevant activities

pre-loaded your app in app stores

offer time limited discounts

content marketing

buy app reviews and ratings

Ok, increasing app installs is the goal of all app developers, wish these methods can help these guys!
Good luck and see you!:o