Best marketing program out now for developers! Exclusive for android devs

Now for the past month I’ve been speaking about this tool I was trying to get done for other developers. This tool got my downloads increased by users noticing my app more!

Now my app has got featured by Google (Still is featured). I would like to release this service. All done.

This method changes your description into bright beautiful color. By automatically adding the code itself and all you have to do is COPY N PASTE the text back into your description field!

My Downloads jumped from 200 up to 2,100 daily!
Other Apps:
1,200 up to 7,000
500 up to 1,000
100 up to 2,000
200 up to 2,000
Your downloads might not increase. It just depends the way your format it.

Now its your turn to get your app noticed! With cool bold text like, “DOWNLOAD NOW WITH 5 MORE LEVELS ADDED!

Watch the Youtube video tutorial it’s really a great tool and also Google Compliant!
Android Developers Marketing Method the BEST to increase Downloads! - YouTube

This tool is free to have 5 words added. You must purchase once to use for lifetime with unlimited app description.
Who’s this tool for? Anyone especially developers who want their app noticed!
I know HTML what’s the use? You know HTML no probs! But can you output your whole description with HTML tags this fast like this tool?! :slight_smile:


Could you please give us a link to your app that got featured? I do not believe that highlighting a few words in the description could increase downloads by 1000 per dey :).


Man its all basic on page seo stuff. Bold characters get more attention from search engines. Since play store description accepts html content. Use <b>yourkeyword</b> and you make keywords bold. Now just think what else can you do with html to attract more users.

But if you knew how to code your tool, why didn’t you already apply these techniques to your own descriptions before ?
Your download increases seem a bit too good :o

Will try out.

Thank you guys! for the great response! I have promoted my site now on all major Ad networks.
Just over 5k users are now active on my database.

I don’t see how anyone could trust site where doesn’t work sections like About, Privacy, Help etc and where users are offered ASO, but own page for keywords use: SomE KeyWords,Other KeyWords :smiley:

i had no idea stuffing html into google play description is allowed or even works… that will probably get removed soon anyway

no it won’t. If used properly, there is no harm. I have those beautiful hearts and stars in my apps description. Just don’t spam with html entities. HTML is good for emphasizing your play store description with bold or different font color text.

i use some html entities as well for checkmarks and stuff but had no idea that coloring/highlighting would actually work. does it work on play store app thats installed on a device? maybe we are looking at it on our computer browser and guessing wrong?

yep the coloring/formatting works on play store app too. Google is specialist in html and javascript. Its a new learning for you for the day. we should learn at least one new thing everyday.

Sorry maybe there is some kind of coding glitch. I will get that up and running soon!

It sure does work! And also confirmed by Google. They also stated to double check your HTML codes as some might not work.

Sorry It might work on the Play Store app itself depending device. Also if it doesn’t work, not to worry! Description will show normal without codes in between. =]

I do recommend you to test my service!

Best Regards,

@Wahid : In any of your application in Google Play could not find this service being used. So it is just an affiliate service for others to use :):stuck_out_tongue:

New knowledge for me too


I actually have 3 developer accounts

That is great!

I have some great ideas for you guys too

1 Optimize the app title and keywords. When people are looking for apps in app store, they prefer to search some keywords like shooting game, office software and etc. Optimize the title of your app’s title and description is the first thing you should do after you have developed your app.

2 Make an explainer video for your app. Making an explainer video is a very cost and effective app marketing strategy, because it constantly increase the conversion rate of your app. 70% of people prefer to purchase or download app after watched a video, they are also more satisfied than those who didn’t. Because a video could give the user an effective preview of the app, to help they understand an app before they actually own it. There are many great app explainer video service providers such as, and etc.

  1. Start a blog. This is free and quite effective as well. You may announce and update the news of your app, your company and your team in your blog and you will be able to build great publicity for your own organization. The reason is simple, every people love stories.

  2. Submit press release. Entrepreneur Neil Patel says: “Press is the best way to kick start your startup, and the best way to get it is to manually reach out to journalists.” There are some great free press release services as well, for example, and PRlog.

  3. Limited-period free. If you developed a paid app, set it as free for a period of time will boost downloads of your app. Since there are a tons of apps deliver news of which app become free to users everyday. Those apps will help you gain huge publicity and awareness for your app.

  4. Email newsletter. Reading email has become a major activity people do on their smartphones, you can collect users on your website and keep them updated with the news of your app with email newsletters

Anybody tried this service? It really boost download?

Hey Ray!

From since launch October.

I have had over 20k users active using this site.
About 450 to 600 visits that come back to use the service daily.

You can check it out.
NO COST! Only if your interested to use with its full features. it only cost $4.99! a Lifetime.

So Coloring, Highlighting, Stars, Arrows, etc… are allowed and viewable on Devices too?? I can’t imagine the description can be full of different colors.
Any sample app listings?


Sample links are unaccessible as that our site hides the user identity so no app inks are shared across without the developer consent.

Everything is allowed. As long as you don’t spam metadata example. To hide keywords in metadata.

Color works on 25% of Android devices. And works 100% on Google Play page.
Bold and italic underline all works fine.
All symbols work and are tested.

But do note: some symbols or html codes will not work if user has disabled javascript, or using an unrecommended web browser.

We are releasing a PRO version which allows user to get exclusive updates and more acceptable metadata.
This will be available for all who have paid $4.99 Google Play lifetime html support.

Recommend to 50 friends and all must register. Once done that will pay you $50 to you!

Which 25% devices work?
When would you release PRO version? I must register one.