best interstital network ?

Which is the best interstital ad network ?


The Airpush smart wall includes several interstitial ad types including full screen, overlay, video and more. You can choose specific ads to call, or let our system pick the best one to serve.

Our Google Play compliant SDK also includes a pay per download ad type where you can earn up to $0.02 per new USA install and EULA opt in.

Hope this helps!
Airpush Nick

  1. Airpush is one of the options ! it has overlays , full screen wall ads , video ads , web page ads and has a decent CPM of 1-3$
  2. Mobvista is another good option , 4$-5$ eCPM it has 3D interstitials , Wall ads and overlays with ppd model giving 0.3$ - 0.5$ per install from ads .
  3. Mobilecorehas new user interactive STICKIEZ Ads providing 0.3$-0.4$ per install frm ads , 2$-3$ CPM .

Appnext of course :slight_smile:

Ping me for more details. You can read developers reviews about our platform in this forum.

i dont trust mobilecore . i dont Mobvista sdk add to my unity project . i will try AirPush

Why wouldn’t you trust mobilecore? :confused:

MobileCore my friends were banned

No reason?

I dont know why he was banned

It’s up to you… For me it’s performing great, eCPM continues going up, and I didn’t need to remember them to pay me anything, weekly payments and next one is above $1k…

Look no further, the network you’re looking for is in my signature.

okey i will try mobilecore. Is Mobilecore better than Admob ?

I can’t tell about that, I’m not using Admob, but sure they are one of the best out there. It also depend a lot from where your users are. I’m getting the best results from Brasil and Spain with mobilecore.