best interstital ads network

hello guys

i need good ads networks for interstital only that have a good payment .

like avocarrot .

i tried mobileCore and startapp they bad for me.


Hi LastSoul,

Have you tried us at Airpush yet? Our Smart wall is a collection of several interstitial ad types, including full screen ads, video, overlays, dialog ads, etc. You can either call specific ads, or call our whole smart wall and let our algorithm pick the best ad type to show based on the users device, country and internet connection. Our ads pay on a CPM basis from impressions on those ads. We have solid CPMs and fill rate world wide.

You can review our demo site here at Airpush Publisher Demo.

Shoot me a PM to chat further.




need verified to payment its just dont allow me to put my paypal
its send me somthing to fill its with address .
and i don’t want this

As we are a USA company, we require our publishers to fill out a simple tax documentation to be paid. It is quick and easy to do.
Shoot me a PM with your accounts email and I can assist.


I think, you ought to utilize AdMob or Airpush for your better administration. Appreciate these advertisements systems.

Try appnext

Hi LastSoul,

Try out [b]Supersonic[/b]. Our lightweight SDK delivers beautiful interstitials, offerwalls and rewarded video with free ad mediation. Global traffic, high fill rate, solid revenues. Our self serve platform allows you to manage your campaigns and budget, with no hassle. Send me a PM if you want to receive 50$ to try out our platform!

my app not in google play its ok with that ?

Where is your app then? Supersonic only supports Google Play and the App Store.

my app 14k install and getting more with out google play .
i have website and i upload it on 1mobile for it .