Best incentivized video ads and incentivized offer wall?

What do you guys use for incentivized offer walls and video ads?

Biased but I believe Adscend Media is the best for incentivized offer walls :slight_smile:

Why? Because we pay you weekly, provide a decent integration bonus, provide over 2,000 offers, offer market research in our offer wall which significantly boost earnings (and you will only find this at Adscend), and provide phenomenal support to you/your users.

As for incentivized video, I wish we could say we are a winner in this category today. We are not, yet. We will be, though. In the mean time, check out Vungle, UnityAds, or Chartboost for rewarded video.

PS Check out feedback here from an active pub of ours:|-%24150-new-publisher-bonus-|-%2430-80-offer-wall-ecpms-|-weekly-payments-4.html#post174114

PM me any time if you have questions.