Best incentive video networks ?

Hello everyone,

I’m developing a game and I want to reward users with currency for watching video ads (pay per watched video). So far I have a list with networks I’m thinking to use: AdColony, Chartboost, Vungle, nativeX, supersonic. I have also read about AerServ and UnityAds. If you have experience with these networks (ecpm or any other info), please share.
Also, I’m thinking to mediate these networks with admob mediation (I’ll write adapters where needed). Any suggestions for mediation platforms with pros/cons compared with admob mediation ?


AdColony is best.

AerServ have video mediation , Although I did not tried them yet

On which platform? Android or iOS?

I’m interested on Android.

Fuse’s AdRally should have you covered for most video networks.

I used Vungle before, its decent but net60 payouts i think

Vungle pays per completed video or per install ?

I used on Android.

per install

Hi theonleq,

There is no best ad network, everyone is a competitor and they all have their strengths and differences.

Unlockable is a unique ad network where we turn video ads into playable mini-games. We work great with rewarded video and provide a fun and engaging user experience for your players. We’re also running a short pilot to help advertise your app if you are interested. PM me if you’re interested or we can set up a skype call.

How much do you pay on average for a rewarded video ?

We work in Tier1 countries with average CPMs ranging from $4-$16